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Print Quality Expectations
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Pantone Solid Coated Colors page 1
Pantone Solid Coated Colors page 2

Due to size restrictions, our color library is broken into two files for you to view.
In order to effectively communicate color, we use the Pantone Matching System. Our calibrated digital printing system can match most Pantone Solid Coated colors. We also prefer submitted art to be built with or reference Pantone Solid Coated colors. If possible, any other colors in the artwork will be converted to the closest matching Pantone Solid Coated color. Choosing colors from this color library will ensure an accurate color match to fully meet your expectations. Please click the link above to view a digital sample of the Pantone Solid Coated color library for reference. Please note that color varies from monitor to monitor and should never be viewed on tablets or smartphones. Most of these devices do not have the proper software to display printed color accurately. Pantone colors can only be accurately matched to Pantone color guides.
Vector Templates

This is a collection of vector templates for some of our more popular products. Each template has specific notes and instructions. You must have a program capable of creating and editing vector art in order to properly use these templates.
Once you are finished with your art, please email it to the custom representative that is handling your order.
Please do not email files over 5mb. You may compress the files using WinZip or WinRar. For larger files, please contact factory for instructions on how to upload your artwork to the factory's WeTransfer website.


Save the file to your computer (Right click on one of the links below and select 'Save Target As...'

Open the file into a program capable of editing vector art (Adobe Illustrator)

File names with DS are double-sided flags, banners or displays
All files are in .pdf format

A-Frame Sandwich Board


Aluminum Sign Heavy Base

Insert Cover


Insert - DS

Arm Bands

Velcro Arm Band

Arm Sleeves
Small Arm Sleeve
Arm Sleeve
Large Arm Sleeve

Automotive Products

Car Flags      
7.5x10.5" - DS
7.5x10.5" with Premium Staff
7.5x10.5" with Premium Staff - DS
11.5x15" with Premium Staff
11.5x15" with Premium Staff - DS
7.5x10.5" - 68D Poly
11.5x15" - 68D Poly - DS

Car Covers
Fuel Door Cover
Headrest Cover
Mirror Cover - Small
Mirror Cover - Large
Magnetic Car Flags
8.25x5.5" Magnetic
8.25x5.5" Magnetic - DS
Multi-Shape Car Flags

Teardrop - DS
Half Drop
Half Drop - DS
Rectangle - DS

Pennant Shape Car Flags

7.5x10.5" Pennant
7.5x10.5" Pennant - DS
11.5x15" Pennant
11.5x15" Pennant - DS

Avenue Banners
Because of varying hardware sizes templates are available upon request and are dependent on size, quantity, and material of the order. 
Please contact us at 800.353.2468 to request templates.

Backpack Flags
Teardrop Half Drop Half Drop w/Scallop Rectangle
Teardrop Backpack
Teardrop Backpack - DS
Half Drop Backpack
Half Drop Backpack - DS

Half Drop w/Scallop
Half Drop w/Scallop - DS
Rectangle Backpack
Rectangle Backpack - DS

Backdrop Banner
Contact us for template with Heading & Grommets
8x8' Backdrop Banner
10x10' Backdrop Banner


22" Bandana

Banner Pens

Banner Pen

Banner Pole Banners
4x10' Banner (Halyard)
4x10' Banner (No Halyard)
4x15' Banner (Halyard)
4x15' Banner (No Halyard)
5x17' Banner (Halyard)
5x17' Banner (No Halyard)
5x20' Banner (Halyard)
5x20' Banner (No Halyard)

Bicycle Flags

8x12" Bicycle Flag
12x18" Bicycle Flag

Boat Flags
12x18" Boat Flag
12x18" Boat Flag - DS
16x24" Boat Flag
16x24" Boat Flag - DS
24x36" Boat Flag
24x36" Boat Flag - DS

36x60" Boat Flag
36x60" Boat Flag
Body Flags

3x5' Body Flag

Breakaway Banner

4x12' Breakaway Banner
5x12' Breakaway Banner

Contour Series


Custom Display Table

Custom Display Table

Door Products

24" Runner
30" Runner

Easy A-Frame

Easy A-Frame

Flags (Outdoor)

12x18" Flag
12x18" Flag - DS
16x24" Flag
16x24" Flag - DS
2x3' Flag
2x3' Flag - DS

2.5x4' Flag
2.5x4' Flag - DS
3x5' Flag
3x5' Flag - DS
3x6' Flag
3x6' Flag - DS

4x6' Flag
4x6' Flag - DS
5x8' Flag
5x8' Flag - DS
6x10' Flag
8x12' Flag
10x15' Flag
12x18' Flag
15x25' Flag
20x30' Flag


12x18" Pennant Flag
12x18" Pennant Flag - DS
16x24" Pennant Flag
16x24" Pennant Flag - DS
2x3' Pennant Flag
2x3' Pennant Flag - DS
2.5x4' Pennant Flag
3x5' Pennant Flag
3x5' Pennant Flag - DS
4x6' Pennant Flag
4x6' Pennant Flag - DS
5x8' Pennant Flag
5x8' Pennant Flag - DS


2x3' Flag
2x3' Flag - DS
2.5x4' Flag
2.5x4' Flag - DS
3x5' Flag
3x5' Flag - DS
4x6' Flag
4x6' Flag - DS

Garden Banners

12x18" Garden Banner
12x18" Garden Banner - DS
14x20" Garden Banner
14x20" Garden Banner - DS
Half Drop Garden Banner
Half Drop Garden Banner - DS

Giant Flagpole Flags

8' Flag
8' Flag - DS
10' Flag
10' Flag - DS
13' Flag
13' Flag - DS

Golf Flags

14x20" Golf Flag
14x20" Golf Flag - DS

14x20" Golf Flag w/Tube
14x20" Golf Flag w/Tube - DS


20x27.75" Guidon
20x27.75" Guidon - DS


Christmas Hat
Christmas Stocking

Knit Polyester Banners

2x6' Knit Poly Banner
3x6' Knit Poly Banner
3x8' Knit Poly Banner
3x15' Knit Poly Banner
4x10' Knit Poly Banner
4x20' Knit Poly Banner


Marking Flags
High Gloss Poly
Metal Base Stick Flags
One Horizontal Flag/Banner
10.5-19" - DS

One Vertical Flag/Banner
11-19.7" - DS

One Vertical Flag/Banner with Hanging Cord
11-19.7" - DS

Two Horizontal Flags/Banners
5.1-6.9" - DS
11-19.7" - DS
Two Vertical Flags/Banners
11-19.7" - DS
5.5-9" - DS
11" - DS

Three Horizontal Flags/Banners
11.4-20" - DS

Three Vertical Flags/Banners
11-19.7" - DS

Four Vertical Flags/Banners
11-19.7" - DS

Mini Teardrop Banners

Mini Suction Teardrop
Mini Suction Teardrop - DS
Mini Desktop Teardrop
Mini Desktop Teardrop - DS
Mini Teardrop Car Flag
Mini Teardrop Car Flag - DS
Mini Teardrop w/Clip
Mini Teardrop w/Clip - DS

Mini X-Banners

Mini X-Banner


Trade Show


Parade Banners

2.5x6' Square Cut
2.5x8' Square Cut
3x6' Square Cut
3x8' Square Cut
2.5x6' Scallop Cut
2.5x8' Scallop Cut
3x6' Scallop Cut
3x8' Scallop Cut
2.5x6' Serrated Cut
2.5x8' Serrated Cut
3x6' Serrated Cut
3x8' Serrated Cut
2.5x6' Sache Cut
2.5x8' Sache Cut
3x6' Sache Cut
3x8' Sache Cut

Pennants & Banners (Felt)

4x10" Pennant
5x12" Pennant
8x18" Pennant
9x24" Pennant
12x30" Pennant

14x20" Vertical Pennant
24x36" Vertical Pennant
30x48" Vertical Pennant

14x20" Rectangular
24x36" Rectangular
30x48" Rectangular

Pennant Strings

12x18" Pennant String - Triangle
12x18" Pennant String - Rectangle

Podium Banners

No Fringe

6x9" Straight
14x20" Straight 30x42" Straight 42x60" Straight
6x9" V-Cut 14x20" V-Cut 30x42" V-Cut 42x60" V-Cut
6x9" Angle 14x20" Angle 30x42" Angle 42x60" Angle
7x10" Straight 22x30" Straight 30x54" Straight

7x10" V-Cut 22x30" V-Cut 30x54" V-Cut

7x10" Angle 22x30" Angle 30x54" Angle

8x12" Straight 26x48" Straight 30x60" Straight

8x12" V-Cut 26x48" V-Cut 30x60" V-Cut

8x12" Angle 26x48" Angle 30x60" Angle

With Fringe

6x9" Straight
14x20" Straight
30x42" Straight
42x60" Straight
6x9" V-Cut 14x20" V-Cut
30x42" V-Cut
42x60" V-Cut
6x9" Angle
14x20" Angle
30x42" Angle
42x60" Angle
7x10" Straight
22x30" Straight
30x54" Straight

7x10" V-Cut
22x30" V-Cut
30x54" V-Cut

7x10" Angle
22x30" Angle
30x54" Angle

8x12" Straight
26x48" Straight
36x60" Straight

8x12" V-Cut
26x48" V-Cut
36x60" V-Cut

8x12" Angle
26x48" Angle
36x60" Angle

Pop-Up Banners

39.37" Circle
47.25" Circle
59" Circle

47"x27.55" Horizontal
78.75"x39.37" Horizontal

43x102" Horizontal
47.25" Triangle
59" Triangle

23.62x35.43" Vertical
39.37x66.9" Vertical

49.2x78.75" Vertical

Portable Half Drop Banners

6' Half Drop
6' Half Drop - DS
8' Half Drop
8' Half Drop - DS
10' Half Drop
10' Half Drop - DS
12' Half Drop
12' Half Drop - DS
15' Half Drop
15' Half Drop - DS

Portable Half Drop Banners - Laser Cut
6' Laser Cut Half Drop
8' Laser Cut Half Drop
10' Laser Cut Half Drop
12' Laser Cut Half Drop

Portable Teardrop Banners

6' Teardrop
6' Teardrop - DS
8' Teardrop
8' Teardrop - DS
10' Teardrop
10' Teardrop - DS
12' Teardrop
12' Teardrop - DS
15' Teardrop
15' Teardrop - DS

Portable Teardrop Banners - Laser Cut
6' Laser Cut Teardrop
8' Laser Cut Teardrop
10' Laser Cut Teardrop
12' Laser Cut Teardrop

Rally Flags

Rally Flag

Retractable Banner Stands

24x63" 32x60" 32x79"




School Spirit Flags

5x6' School Spirit Flag
5x6' School Spirit Flag - DS
6x8' School Spirit Flag
6x8' School Spirit Flag - DS

Scroll Banners

Single Sided
Double Sided

Security Gate Covers

16.6x56.5" 25x53.5" 26.6x58.5"
SEG Pop Up Displays
59.5x88.5" 88.5x88.5"

Slim Line Banners

Steel Base
Spring Walls


Stadium Banners

40x80' Banner
60x100' Banner
80x140' Banner
110x180' Banner

Static Clings

5x6" Inside
6x8" Inside 8x12" Inside
5x6" Outside
6x8" Outside
8x12" Outside

Stationary Feather Flags

Feather Cut

3x8' Feather
3x8' Feather - DS

3x10' Feather
3x10' Feather - DS
3x12' Feather
3x12' Feather - DS
3x15' Feather
3x15' Feather - DS
Flutter Cut

3x8' Flutter
3x8' Flutter - DS
3x10' Flutter
3x10' Flutter - DS
3x12' Flutter
3x12' Flutter - DS
3x15' Flutter
3x15' Flutter - DS
Half Drop Cut

3x8' Half Drop
3x8' Half Drop - DS
3x10' Half Drop
3x10' Half Drop - DS
3x12' Half Drop
3x12' Half Drop - DS
3x15' Half Drop
3x15' Half Drop - DS
Square Cut

3x8' Square
3x8' Square - DS
3x10' Square
3x10' Square - DS
3x12' Square
3x12' Square - DS
3x15' Square
3x15' Square - DS
Teardrop Cut

3x8' Teardrop
3x8' Teardrop - DS
3x10' Teardrop
3x10' Teardrop - DS
3x12' Teardrop
3x12' Teardrop - DS
3x15' Teardrop
3x15' Teardrop - DS

Stick Flags

4x6" Stick Flag
4x6" Stick Flag - DS
6x9" Stick Flag
6x9" Stick Flag - DS
8x12" Stick Flag
12x18" Stick Flag
16x24" Stick Flag

Single Reverse
Double Sided

Swooper Banner

12' Swooper

Table Covers - Rectangle


4' Throw
4' Throw - Open Back
6' Throw
6' Throw - Open Back
8' Throw
8' Throw - Open Back


4' Fitted
4' Fitted - Open Back
4' Fitted - Zipper Back

6' Fitted
6' Fitted - Open Back
6' Fitted - Zipper Back

8' Fitted
8' Fitted - Open Back
8' Fitted - Zipper Back

6' to 8'


4' Stretch
4' Stretch - Open Back
4' Stretch - Zipper
6' Stretch
6' Stretch - Open Back
6' Stretch - Zipper
8' Stretch
8' Stretch - Open Back
8' Stretch - Zipper


6' Throw
8' Throw
30" Round

6' Fitted 8' Fitted

Table Covers - Round

30x29" Throw Round
59x59" Throw Round


23.6x29.1" Fitted Round
30x29" Fitted Round
31.9x43.3" Fitted Round
37.4x28.7" Fitted Round

23.62x29.13" Stretch Round
31.9x29.1" Stretch Round
31.9x43.3" Stretch Round
37.4x28.7" Stretch Round

Table Covers - Square

59" Throw Square

Table Runners

30x60" Runner
30x72" Runner
30x84" Runner
30x90" Runner
60x60" Runner
60x72" Runner
60x90" Runner

Table Top View Banners

6' Small
6' Medium
6' Large
8' Small
8' Medium
8' Large

Table Toppers

4' Topper
6' Topper
8' Topper

Table Stands

Auto Rise Stand
Auto Rise Light Stand Raisable Stand
Traveling Trunk


10' x 10' 10' x 10' - DS  10' x 20' Banner Accessories
Canopy Tent
Canopy Tent w/1 Full Wall - DS
Canopy Tent
Half Drop
Canopy Tent w/1 Full Wall
Canopy Tent w/2 Full Walls - DS

Half Drop - DS
Canopy Tent w/2 Full Walls
Canopy Tent w/3 Full Walls - DS

Canopy Tent w/3 Full Walls
Canopy Tent w/Full & Half Walls - DS
Teardrop - DS
Canopy Tent w/Full & Half Walls

Tower Stands

Full Curve
Pointed Curved

Trade Show Bags
10.5" x 13"

Vinyl Banners

2x6' Vinyl Banner
3x8' Vinyl Banner
4x10' Vinyl Banner

3x6' Vinyl Banner
3x15' Vinyl Banner
4x20' Vinyl Banner

Wall Mounted Banners

Wall Mounted Banner

Windchaser Flags

5' Windchaser
5' Windchaser - DS
8' Windchaser
8' Windchaser - DS
12' Windchaser
12' Windchaser - DS


6x24" Windsock
8x36" Windsock
10x36" Windsock
18x48" Windsock
18x60" Windsock
18x72" Windsock
18x96" Windsock
24x72" Windsock
24x96" Windsock
36x120" Windsock


24x60" X-Banner
31x60" X-Banner
30.5x74" X-Banner

Banner Pens

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